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Nauman Khan is the CEO of Nausal Technology Private Limited. A successful entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of the company, he has played a pivotal role in bringing Nausal to profitability since its inception and continues to build upon its successes with year-on- year growth. As Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Mr. Khan oversees all of the company’s operations, setting the corporate direction and strategy for all lines of business and policy. He is responsible for planning, development, and overall management and leadership, to the end of revenue generation.


Mubasher Khattak, who hails from the capital of Pakistan, currently serves as Nausal’s COO, working hand in hand with Nauman Khan to ensure that the business runs efficiently and effectively. He has a strong background in software development, graphic design, and digital marketing. Mr. Khattak’s responsibilities at Nausal include IT strategy development, the alignment of product roadmaps with market trends, and the management of human capital for complex projects. He is also responsible for general resource management and the distribution of goods and services.


Steven Tyler occupies the position of CFO at Nausal Technology and oversees all financial aspects of the corporation, reporting directly to Mr. Khan. On board since 2012, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and has over a decade of extensive financial management experience. Mr. Tyler is responsible for managing Nausal’s financial activities, effectively supervising the accounting department to minimize risk and ensure maximum profitability. He has complete oversight for planning, reporting, capital structure, and all strategic matters relating to budget.


Jhon Sal is Nausal Technology’s VP for USA. A performance-oriented professional with a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management, he tends to the company’s United States operations, with the aim of advancing corporate development and achieving strategic organizational goals. Prior to working at Nausal, Mr. Sal spent 15+ years working in directorial roles abroad. His specific operations management and marketing experience uniquely qualifies him to communicate and implement the organization’s vision, mission, and direction within his areas of responsibility.


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