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The Monica Aparicio Lifestyle Lounge

When Monica Walsh began her holistic health coaching course, she decided to build a lifestyle lounge that would bring health and wellness to her community. The idea was initially a classroom project but has since expanded to a community gathering space, where she can connect people with healers and share her knowledge. After struggling with a stressful lifestyle, Monica Walsh realized she needed a change. Her new lifestyle included a life-changing shift to one of health and wellness.


MooMoos is a new virtual lifestyle lounge that combines fast fashion, home decor, and miscellaneous items in a single space. The site carries exclusive pieces from Amani, a self-proclaimed closet diva who’s been making her mark in the fashion world for the past five years. You can shop the site online or in your local store via Vault 71.


The concept of a Lifestyle Lounge is to provide a space where one can feel home away from home while getting pampered. This is achieved by focusing on the keywords: “live life out loud” and “stay ready.” The LIFESTYLE LOUNGE offers various services to meet a person’s personal needs. The space caters to a person’s needs, from co-shared workspace to emotional wellness.

Amani MAISHA, a life stylist and entrepreneur, has built a successful lifestyle in Prince George’s County. Amani has a fierce eye for fashion and a great sense of style. She has recently launched the MooMoos CLOSET, an eclectic mix of Fast Fashion, Home Decor, Unique and Eclectic. This unique experience offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Lifestyle Lounge

Lifestyle Lounge is a new fitness center that opened in March 2017. The 1800-square-foot facility is an extension of Whole Nutrition Services, owned by Laura Cipullo. The gym offers classes that promote the health and well-being of all body types. Clients learn how to move, breathe, and eat mindfully while getting in shape. Lifestyle Lounge is open seven days a week so that you can come for yoga or any other fitness program.

Lifestyle Lounge offers many benefits but is not safe for online dating. The website’s membership fees are high, and many of the profiles on the site are fake. After joining, you’re charged for monthly memberships. And when you don’t get any results, the spot disappears. Don’t get scammed by Lifestyle Lounge – learn how to avoid it. Listed below are some things to consider before joining.

Monica Aparicio

The founder of the Monica Aparicio Lifestyle Lounge is Monica Maria Aparicio, a healer, and teacher who has helped hundreds of Spiritual Trailblazers create and grow their conscious businesses. A graduate of the New School for Social Research, Monica studied holistic health coaching at the Biodynamic Breath Institute and has over thirty years of experience in personal growth and development. Since founding her business in 2013, Monica has helped hundreds of individuals and companies become more effective in their business.

Her events have appeared in many settings, including the New York Times Building, The Wix Lounge, District Co-Work, Primary, and The Gansevoort Hotel. She has even spoken in New York City schools and has helped many women write books and become authority figures in their fields. She also helps women find their unique voices and tell their signature stories to help them reach a wider audience. For more information, visit the Monica Aparicio Lifestyle Lounge website.

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