Polk Audio Buckle Headphones Review

Polk Audio Buckle headphones are for the style-conscious music lover. Their unique design and attention to detail are sure to draw attention. You’ll be able to tell that these headphones are made with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Despite their unorthodox design, they deliver great sound and are comfortable to wear. And they’re incredibly durable, too. So if you’re looking for an excellent pair of headphones that can keep you company for many hours, look no further than the Polk Buckle.


The Sound of Polk Audio Buckle headphones is good, but they aren’t perfect. They tend to emphasize bass and treble more than highs and mids. This means you’ll lose some of the “edginess” of music played through them. Also, they suffer from a problem known as Total Harmonic Distortion, or THD, which refers to clipped harmonics in the audio signal. Although most speakers have some level of THD, the ideal level is less than 3%.

While Polk Audio Buckle headphones aren’t ideal for everyone, they’re a solid choice if you’re looking for a pair of headphones with good bass performance. These headphones also deliver excellent midrange and treble performance. They’re also adjustable, which lets you find a level that suits your preferences.

The design of the Polk Audio Buckle is simple but stylish. They’re made from faux leather and feature a swivel headband. The ear cups are soft and comfortable to wear. They’re also equipped with a microphone. The headphones are also available in a brown or black color scheme.

Polk Audio Buckle headphones are made from high-quality materials so they won’t break easily. However, they do have a few downsides. The cable tends to wear out after repeated use. The hinges are also more prone to damage than the other headphones. The cord is also removable, making it very easy to replace if damaged. Additionally, they’re not recommended for those who have a problem with leaky headphones.


If you are looking for comfortable headphones for long listening sessions, the Polk Audio Buckle headphones are an excellent choice. They feature closed-back earcups with flat high-frequency responses and low leakage. They do not feature active noise-cancellation technology, but you can easily adjust the headband to fit your head.

Despite their large size, the Buckle headphones offer good comfort. The Polk Audio Buckle headphones feature a low-leakage frequency response that emphasizes lower bass and mid-range tones while under-emphasizing higher frequencies. Their sculpted sound signature allows fine-grained instrumental detail without distortion or muddy sound.

The Buckle is part of the Heritage Collection, a range of headphones that focuses on rustic design. The headphones come in muted colors and are made from thick matte-finished metal. They feature a curved cup that delivers superior sound quality and a padded headband for extra comfort. This model also comes with a built-in mic and is wired and wireless. They are stylish and come with a lifetime warranty.

The Buckle’s low-frequency response is also very pleasing. When given a static 78-dB tone, the Buckle will boost the sub-bass by 82 dB. In addition, it will under-emphasize bass tones at 400 Hz. The treble, bass, and mid-range frequency responses can be adjusted independently.

Control scheme

If you’re looking for a high-quality sound system, look no further than the Polk Audio Buckle. These headphones offer a rich, detailed sound and a very stylish design. They have a sculpted frequency response that emphasizes bass and mid-range tones while under-emphasizing higher frequencies. This allows for plenty of power and an absence of distortion.

The Buckle headphones have a simple yet effective control scheme that includes a control dial and microphone. You can control volume with a simple turn of the dial, while a simple click allows you to pause or answer calls. The headphones also have a 2.5mm headphone cable input.

The Buckle headphones provide an excellent sound experience with a rich treble and bass range. They feature 40mm drivers tuned using the Optimized Electro-acoustic tuning system to minimize distortion. Moreover, the closed-back earcup keeps out external noise and enhances the sound quality.

The Buckle headphones are made of premium materials and have ergonomic features to improve the listening experience. They have a padded headband that provides a secure fit. Moreover, the headphones’ padded headband makes them very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. Furthermore, the headphones feature a sculpted sound signature for a rich sound experience.

The Buckle’s sub-bass frequency response is highly stylized and boosts sub-bass frequencies to 82 dB. The headphones also cut low-frequency noise at 400 Hz. This produces a dark chocolate-colored sound that adds weight to vocals and instruments.


The Polk Audio Buckle headphones feature a high-quality design and premium materials that make them durable and resistant to accidental drops. The cable is also replaceable, which is an excellent feature because repeated use can damage the cord. However, the most likely point of damage to the Buckle is the spring mechanism, which can wear out after repeated use.

These headphones are built from sturdy materials and are recommended for use in offices and noisy environments. The Buckle features a pivoting ear cup and plush over-ear pads for comfortable listening. Moreover, the Buckle’s passive sound isolation improves the overall sound quality and eliminates resonances in the drivers.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphone is part of the Polk Heritage Collection. It comes in two color options – Brown and Black. Buckle Brown is brown with off-white accents, while Buckle Black has a silver finish. Both variants look attractive and complement any room. The Buckle also offers excellent sound quality and is worth the price.

The Polk Audio Buckle is a decent over-ear headphone with a bassy sound that sounds great and fits comfortably. While they aren’t the most portable headphone, they are durable and come with an adjustable headband. They’re made with premium materials and reinforced cables.

Frequency response

The Frequency response of the Polk Audio Buckle is very pleasing to the ear. The Buckles amplify sub-bass frequencies up to 82 dB and under-emphasize mid-range and treble tones. The headphones also have adjustable treble, bass, and mid-range controls to tailor the sound to your tastes.

The Polk Audio Buckle features a Dynamic Balance tuning technique, which prevents internal resonances and distortions. It also features 40mm drivers tuned using the Optimized Electro-acoustic tuning method. This ensures that the headphones deliver natural sound. Moreover, the headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They also include a microphone to enable hands-free calling.

The bass response of the Polk Audio Buckle is good, but it is slightly underemphasized compared to the other headphones in this price range. This is a downside, but it’s easily overcome through audio mixing. The Buckle’s frequency response is balanced, which is crucial for listening to music and movies.

The Buckle’s controls are also straightforward and functional. There is a toggle for volume, call/music, and track-skipping. It also comes with a small microphone and 2.5mm headphone cable input, allowing you to answer calls and control playback from the microphone.

The Polk Audio Buckle is a high-quality pair of over-ear headphones that are comfortable and durable. They come with adjustable bass, midrange, and treble controls. The headphones are also sculpted for balanced audio reproduction with minimal harmonic interference. They are sold for around $146 online.


The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are lightweight and durable with delicate ear cups. They also have low leakage and don’t distort the sound. In addition, they have a built-in microphone. They are well worth the price and are comfortable enough to be worn for long periods.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are very durable and come with reinforced cables. They feature a curved headband and durable ear cups. These features make them a good option for those who work in an office environment. However, they are more expensive than similar products. The design and durability of this headphone make it one of the most expensive headphones on the market.

They come in various colors, from silver to brown to gold. The ear cups are padded, and the headband swivels. The headphones also feature a built-in microphone and are compatible with different types of music. There are also wireless models, which means you can listen to music without worrying about wires or batteries.

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are part of the company’s Heritage Collection. They have a classic look that can complement any outfit. The Buckle Brown model comes in brown with bronze accents, while the Buckle Black version is silver.

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