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Chloe Roma Sunderland Reveals Her Gender Identity

Chloe Roma recently answered a question on her podcast about her gender identity. She says she feels more masculine on some days than feminine. The question she took as a compliment makes her feel like she’s being taken seriously. The fashion designer isn’t a stranger to controversy; she has previously spoken to support men’s rights.

Chloe Sunderland

Chloe Roma Sunderland is a famous TikTok celebrity and social activist. She has a large audience on the platform with her gender equality-themed videos. The 25-year-old was born in Romania on June 1, 1997. She attended Crescent Heights High School and Mount Royal University and now stays in Calgary, Canada.

She gained fame on TikTok and other social networks, mainly posting videos that advocate gender equality. In addition, she also made videos about the harsh life boys face in today’s society. Her videos have received more than 877k subscribers and 188 million views on YouTube. She is a social media star with a large fan base and a loyal following.

The YouTube star was born and raised in Romania and had a large following on the social networking site. In addition to being an influential TikTok star, Chloe Roma Army is an activist and social media advocate for men’s rights. Among her most popular videos are those advocating for equality and fighting for men’s rights.

While many people have assumed she is a transgender man, Roma Army is not a man but a cisgender woman. She refers to herself as “a woman” and uses the pronouns she/her and they/them. However, her cisgender gender has caused controversy. She has recently posted a YouTube video answering the question, “Am I a man?” In that video, she explained that she sometimes feels more masculine than feminine.

Chloe Sunderland has become a popular social media personality because of her advocacy of men’s rights. The social media star has long advocated for men’s rights and believes men are misunderstood. She started her career as an activist and is now a YouTube star with a net worth of between $100k and $2 million.

As an activist, Roma is passionate about gender equality. Her videos about men’s rights have made her very popular online. As a result, she is one of the most famous women’s social media stars. She says in her social media bio that she is a “social-political activist who fights for the rights of both sexes.”


Chloe, a Greek goddess, is the goddess of harvest and fertility. She is the daughter of Kronos and a sister to Zeus. She is also the mother of Persephone. Her story is told in the Eleusinian Mysteries, which are based on the abduction of Persephone by Hades. The report also relates the search of Demeter for her daughter. Chloe has a popular Twitter account. Her main version is called @roma_greek_goddess and is no longer active. She is known for sharing controversial opinions and venting humorously. While her posts are satirical, she is also known for advocating men’s rights. Her photos are simple but stylish, and she uses a cell phone mirror to share her daily life.

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