Action Camera Microphone Attachment

When choosing an action camera microphone attachment, you have a few options. There are the Rode Wireless GO II, the Monkey MCm-1, the Removu RM-M1+A1, and the Movo PMA-1. Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy one.

Rode Wireless GO II

The Rode Wireless GO II action camera microphone is attached to your camera using a wireless connection. It uses an uncompressed WAV format to record audio and features 48KHz, 24-bit resolution. It has a storage capacity of up to seven hours of audio. It also has a safety channel that can be activated via RODE Central. The safety channel reduces the volume of one of the audio channels by 20dB.

This compact, lightweight mic attachment is compatible with iOS devices with a Lightning input. It can also connect to Android devices with a USB-C port. This means it will seamlessly interact with devices that support USB-C connections. The VideoMic GO II is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, tablets, and laptops and has headphone monitoring capabilities.

The Wireless GO II is designed with convenience in mind. It is pocket and bag-friendly, weighing only 32g. It also comes with a convenient carrying pouch for easy transport. Moreover, it features a clip for easy mounting to clothing or cold shoe accessories. It is also easy to use and install on a mobile camera rig.

The wireless GO II has a mute button, which can mute the speaker or presenter. You can also change the function of this button through RODE Central. Lastly, you can connect the Wireless GO II with a 3.5mm TRS or XLR input device.

The Rode Wireless GO II is one of the best-selling products made by the brand. This microphone also allows you to connect two microphones to one receiver. One receiver will connect to the action camera, while the other will connect to a microphone.

Monkey MCm-1

The Monkey MCm-1 action camera microphone attachment features a low-profile and lightweight design that makes it easy to mount on any action camera. It also has a built-in battery and a 3.5mm TRS connection. The device also records up to 100 hours of audio.

The Monkey MCm-1 action camera microphone attachment provides clear audio for videos and photos taken with action cameras. It is compatible with a wide range of cameras and includes a cable for easy connection to a smartphone. Its high feedback rate shows that it works well for capturing quality audio. The Monkey MCm-1 is compatible with several popular action cameras and works with the Rode Reporter app.

The Monkey MCm-1 action camera microphone attaches to various cameras and has an eighty percent positive feedback rate. It offers a wide dynamic range and eliminates background noise. It is also compatible with many action cameras and external microphone inputs.

It also features an integrated shock mount, which minimizes handling noise. It also has a TRS transmission cable, producing better audio quality. The Monkey MCm-1 action camera microphone attachment is compatible with most smartphones and DSLRs with a 3.5mm microphone jack. It must be used with a camera with a battery, but it comes with a 3.5mm cable for connecting the microphone to the camera.

A suitable action camera microphone attachment should fit into the camera body and feature a USB Type-C port for easy connection. It should be easy to use and durable. It should also come with a long USB cord.

Remove RM-M1+A1

The Removu RM-M1+M1 wireless action camera microphone attachment offers an extended wireless range, high-quality sound, and plenty of versatility. Users of this microphone will appreciate the fact that it works well outdoors and even in windy conditions. This waterproof microphone also comes with a lithium battery that lasts more than 6 hours.

This wireless microphone attaches to the camera and the speaker’s clothing. It picks up audio clearly when placed close to the source. The microphone is also equipped with a jack plug and integrated control. It works with most smart devices.

The Removu RM-M1+M1+A1 is one of the most affordable and high-quality microphones available. It offers the same benefits as the Rode VideoMic Pro+ but costs less than $30. You can also pick up an inexpensive microphone from the $30 to $40 range, such as the Purple Panda Lavalier microphone and the BOYA BY-MM1 action camera microphone attachment.

Another option is the Movo VXR10-Pro, which is very affordable and expensive. This mic reduces ambient noise and is compatible with most action cameras and DSLRs. If necessary, you can also use the included 3.5mm cable to connect the mic to a smartphone.

Another affordable option is the Blue Yeti. This plug-and-play device is easy to use and has excellent features. It isn’t as versatile as other models, but it is a perfect choice for vloggers who want great audio from their videos.

This microphone is compatible with most GoPro models. It requires a suitable adapter to fit it. The microphone is omnidirectional so that you can capture sound from any direction. It is also susceptible to a wide frequency range. The microphone is also lightweight and convenient to use.

Move PMA-1

The Movo PMA-1 action camera microphone attachment connects to the mic port on your camera to capture high-quality audio. This mic is lightweight and durable and can be used with most types of cameras. It has a 3.5mm audio input jack and a USB type-C connection for power and data transfer. Compared to other microphone adapters, this is the cheapest and most versatile.

Its multi-directional head and foam windscreen makes it suitable for various smartphones, tablets, and action cameras. It has a high signal-to-noise ratio, which means it can pick up the sound of a subject without being obstructed by wind noise. The microphone is compatible with iOS and Android devices and weighs only one ounce.

Although most action cameras come with internal microphones, adding an external microphone is a great way to improve audio quality. There are several brands and models available. Some are specially designed for specific camera models, while others are universal. When deciding which one to buy, remember that a microphone attachment should match your particular camera model.

Most action camera microphone attachments connect via USB Type-C. Most are designed to fit close to the camera body for better audio quality. However, some have long cables connecting the USB and aux ends. If you plan on recording a long distance, you may want to consider a wireless external microphone.

The Movo VXR10 PRO is a more updated version of the original Movo VXR10. It offers improved audio quality and features a shock-mount to prevent handling noise. The Movo VXR10 PRO also features a super-cardioid polar pattern, which produces more accurate sound. It is compatible with most video recording devices and has a one-year warranty.

Rode VideoMicro

The Rode VideoMicro action camera microphone is a portable, adaptable microphone that provides clear audio and eliminates background noise. This microphone weighs 42 grams and features a shock mount integrated with RycoteA(r) LyreA(r) technology, providing superior acoustic suspension. It also features a premium ceramic coating and a fuzzy windscreen.

Considering buying a new microphone for your action camera, it’s essential to consider its price range and features. Basic microphones can be purchased for less than $30, while more advanced models are more expensive. Considering your budget and needs, you can make the right decision and invest in a quality on-camera microphone. The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is an excellent option if you’re on a budget. It offers professional-grade sound quality and comes with a windscreen and shock mount.

The Rode VideoMic Pro is an excellent option for filming outdoor activities. Another notable feature is its lightweight and compact design. The microphone is small and lightweight, measuring only 8cm long and 42g. Its wind-blocking windshield also reduces the effects of wind noise from other sources.

The VideoMicro comes with a camera shoe mount and a Rycote Lyre shock mount. These features simplify the mic setup process, and the shock mount minimizes handling noise. The VideoMic also features a foam windscreen, which reduces the wind noise that can deteriorate video quality. This feature is handy when recording while walking. The Rode VideoMicro action camera microphone is compatible with most action cameras and smartphones. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It is powered by two AAA batteries and has a recording time of 100 hours.

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