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Jamie Fraley Goes Missing From Her Apartment in North Carolina

The police were called to Jamie Fraley apartment after Jamie’s mother called to check on her child. When they arrived, they found a locked apartment full of Jamie’s possessions and evidence of a recent illness. There was no sign of the boy’s phone, and his shoes were without shoelaces. Fortunately, one construction worker discovered Jamie’s cell phone on the side of a road, where it appeared to have been thrown out of a moving car.

Jamie Fraley boyfriend

Jamie Fraley, 25, went missing over 10 years ago. A utility worker found her cell phone two days after her disappearance. It appeared as though it was thrown out of a car, but it didn’t reveal any fingerprints or scents that could help search dogs find her. After her release, her fiance moved in with her family, creating awkward father-son moments.

The couple lived in Gastonia, North Carolina. Jamie had a troubled background and was suffering from anxiety and bipolar disorder. She was also enrolled in part-time classes at Gaston College. She hoped to become a substance-use counsellor. She also had supportive friends. At the time of her disappearance, Fraley was engaged to Ricky Simonds Jr.

A utility worker found Jamie’s cell phone two days after her disappearance. It appeared as if it had been thrown out of a moving car. However, investigators said the phone was too damaged to be valuable evidence.

Jamie Fraley looks alike.

Police investigated the case after a healthcare worker found Jamie Fraley’s apartment locked. Jamie’s belongings were inside, including her wallet, purse, keys, and ID. She had also vomited, which led to her family filing a report. Despite the sleuthing, police have not yet determined the cause of the break-in.

When Jamie went missing in April 2008, she had been sick with a stomach virus and had already been to the emergency room twice in the previous 24 hours. Her friend, who had been babysitting her, offered to pick her up, but Jamie never returned home. This bizarre development threw the investigation off course. Several years later, her family still has many questions.

After the incident, the parents and Jamie’s aunt and cousin arrived at the apartment. Jamie had an oversized white t-shirt and jeans and was missing some medications. The police could find some of her belongings, but they could not see her cell phone.

Ricky Simonds Jr now

The apartment where Jamie Fraley lived with her boyfriend, Ricky Simonds Jr., is now being investigated. Fraley, a 22-year-old from Bessemer City, was last seen on April 8. Simonds, the son of Ricky Simonds Sr., was already serving time in state prison for stealing over $1,000. He lived in the same complex as Fraley and was a groundskeeper and maintenance worker.

Simonds Sr. was convicted of manslaughter, but the family insists that Simonds Sr. is innocent. The police investigation was initially halted when Simonds Sr.’s girlfriend noticed a foul odour in the trunk of his car. She filed a restraining order against Simonds Sr. and investigated after the woman’s complaint. When she checked the car, she found the body, Simonds Sr.’s keys, and a purse. The cause of death was heat stroke, and police believe Simonds Sr. may have hidden in the trunk to surprise his girlfriend.

Jamie’s mother, Kim Fraley, was also missing. Police searched for her but could not find her. The man who accompanied her went missing and left her cell phone unattended. The police were able to recover Jamie’s cell phone and the phone. Police also found a stolen purse and a knife on Ricky Simonds Sr.

Jamie Fraley mother

When Jamie Fraley goes missing from her apartment in North Carolina, it seems that there’s no foul play. It’s been a year since she disappeared, but her mother still misses her son dearly. She talks about Jamie all the time and loves her very much.

Luckily for Jamie’s family, she wasn’t alone when she went missing. Her mother, aunt, and cousin were all able to find her. They found her purse, keys, ID, and wallet when they arrived at her apartment. The only thing missing was her cell phone.

After Jamie’s disappearance, the investigation into the murder of her fiance Ricky Dale Simonds became more intense. He had a lengthy criminal history, including manslaughter, fraud, and drug-related charges. His wife and two children lived in the same apartment complex.

On the morning Fraley went missing, she spoke with a friend on the phone, and she said someone was picking her up and taking her to the hospital. When she got off the phone, she told her friend, “he’s here,” but she didn’t say who she was talking to.

Who killed Jamie Fraley?

In the aftermath of Jamie Fraley’s death, a manhunt is underway for her killer. Investigators have identified a suspect: Ricky Dale Simonds Sr. Simonds lived two apartments down from Jamie’s. He was convicted of manslaughter in the 1980s for fatally strangling a woman. He had become obsessed with Fraley and had been visiting her at the hospital.

Fraley was only 18 years old and had recently been diagnosed with a stomach virus. She could not drive to a hospital alone and requested a ride. Her mother offered to drive her there, but she declined. After an hour-long wait, she called a friend for a ride. She referred to the driver as “he” in her call.

When she got home from the hospital, Jamie was feeling ill. She had the stomach flu and had been sick twice the day before. She had been to the hospital twice in 24 hours. When she told her mother she was feeling unwell, she called her friend, who offered to drive her to the hospital. Simonds Sr. gave Jamie a ride.

Jamie Fraley 2022

Jamie Fraley, who was last seen on April 8, 2008, was 22 years old and from Gastonia, North Carolina. Her life had been challenging, and she had struggled with anxiety and bipolar disorder. At the time of her disappearance, she took part-time classes at Gaston College and wanted to pursue a career as a substance abuse counsellor. She was engaged to Ricky Simonds Jr., and the two lived in the same apartment complex.

Fraley had spoken on the phone the night before she went missing with a friend. She said that someone was picking her up. However, she never checked into the hospital. The next day, her family tried to visit her but found her apartment empty and locked. Her purse, wallet, and cell phone had been discarded in the apartment. The family assumed that Fraley had left alone, but they filed a missing person’s report on April 11, 2008.

After discovering that Jamie Fraley had gone missing, the family went to her apartment to search for clues. Jamie left behind some essential items, including her cell phone and identity documents, and had not attempted to call her friend or make an emergency call. The police and the FBI were contacted to investigate the case.

Jamie Fraley disability

On August 8, Jamie Fraley was not seen publicly for more than three hours. Her mother refused to take her to the hospital, and when a male driver failed to show up, Jamie called an unidentified friend for a ride. She cut the call shortly after the ride was unable to arrive. Jamie never made it to the hospital for her third visit. On August 9, her healthcare provider visited her in her apartment.

Jamie Fraley was born on March 5, 1986. She had a traumatic childhood and suffered from bipolar disorder and anxiety. Despite her challenges, Jamie managed to attend Gaston College part-time and pursue a career as a substance abuse counsellor. She was engaged to Ricky Simonds, Jr., and their relationship began in 2006.

Jamie was just 22 when she was hospitalized with the stomach flu. She called her mother and said that she was not feeling well. She had been to the hospital twice the previous day, and she was still sick the next day. She told her mother she had to go to the hospital again the following morning.

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