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Banking, Finance & Insurance secure and profitable solutions

With the ongoing digital evolution of the banking sector, Nausal helps you in transforming your organization. Our efficient team of financial analysts and advisors can help in utilizing latest technologies in the banking, finance and insurance sectors introducing features including latest mobile banking, prompt online transactions and payments. Trust our team to simplify and solve even the most complex problems and provide efficient development solutions for all your needs.

Being an outstanding technology service providers, Nausal stands out on the basis of its expertise and skill. From government departments to private organizations and insurance companies, we have served a wide range of clients. With the incorporation of our strategies, companies have succeeded in increasing their annual revenue, profit and efficiency. We let them harness the power of digitalization so that they can give a tough competition to their competitors.

Challenges for the Financial Industry

Devising Powerful Strategies and Solutions for Incorporation of Real-Time Data

Customer Care and Requirements

The mobile money platform has completely changed the perspective of the banking sector. Millennials are accustomed to the latest technological trends and prefer using mobile wallets and making online payments. However, privacy is an important matter for them; they demand secure methods for accessing their financial information. Also, they prefer having customized facilities for themselves in order to make finance management easier for themselves.

Regulatory Requirements

Usually, bankers see strict regulation strategies as unnecessary, inefficient and an added cost. Also, these requirements also affect the modern technological transformation and versatility that they struggle to incorporate in order to address the increasing demands. Compliancy poses a serious challenge to the companies as it makes them trade-off it with creativity in the sector.

Risks Involved

It is imperative that the budget is efficiently utilized in systems so that companies can augment their digitalization process. With investments involving huge sums of money, there is always a possibility of strategies failing because of prevalent cyber threats. Simultaneously, they may not be able to provide a seamless and well-connected network on multiple platforms

Information Management

There is no doubt that a lot of data handling is required in the financial sector which is quite tedious. Moreover, management, analysis and storage of such huge amounts of data for thousands of customers requires strong analytical skills and business knowledge.

How Nausal Delivers Business Value

Nausal takes pride in being providers of ground-breaking solutions and strategies. With the skill and knowledge of our team, our company has attending to the needs of clients belonging from diverse backgrounds around the globe. From developing modern software systems to latest mobile applications, our developers have successfully delivered error-free solutions and products. Our first preference is the demand of the client. We first develop a thorough understanding of their ideas and then work around the clock to turn their dreams to reality. Our old clients can vouch for our powerful and latest techniques. Nausal believes in using and delivering only the best and this is why we have a strong client base.

Online Banking

Nausal focuses on making the client’s organization holistically digital. With our efficient developers, latest tools and modern technology, we promise to deliver the most realistic and user-centric solutions. We provide our customers the comfort of managing their finances easily whenever and wherever they want to. Our focus is on branchless banking. With ubiquitous and seamless access to everything, clients can manage their finances on any device.

Efficient Organization Management

Providing seamless access to both the staff and the customers, we make it possible for the staff to analyze, manage and store their clients’ data whenever they feel like. Our team has made use of latest technologies to ensure improved mobility and simplification of the workplace environment. This has helped in providing a relaxing environment to the employees as well.

Information Usage

Aiding innovation and empowering the finance industry, Nausal has provided robust solutions for management of data with the help of modern technologies. Making use of the strongest security measures, we guarantee a seamless yet secure process of finance management, funds transfer and request generation.

Solutions we provide include:

  • • Web Application Supporting Online Banking
  • • Mobile Banking
  • • Efficient Transaction Management
  • • Complete Workflow Automation
  • • CRM/ERP
  • • Fast System for Cash Management
  • • Detailed Reporting System
  • • Consultation for Application Security
  • • Software for Digital Financial Planning

We Offer Following Services

  • We Offer the Following Services:
  • Internet Inquiry System
  • Authentication for Credit Card
  • Retail Banking Transaction
  • Management of Mobile Workforce
  • Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Payment of e-Bills, Client Registration, Accounting and Finance Operations.

Providing Cross-Platform Solutions for the Banking Sector

In the quest to secure the top position in the market, Nausal can make the process easy for you and make you the toughest competitor in the market. With the finance and banking industry at the cusp of digitalization and technological evolution, our experts can devise powerful strategies and solutions for all your requirements. Our knowledgeable developers and skilled workers have developed powerful products in the past for all screen sizes and devices and will continue to do the same in future.