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Social Networking.


The entire networking sphere has been completely changed with the introduction of social media. Through social media, people can reach, connect, and communicate with others from all over the world. And businesses have started taking advantage of this connectivity by effectively reaching targeted audiences in a broader span.

Our team researches your business domain and targets your audiences effectively to have the maximum impact. Our strategic and result-oriented services are offered to our clients globally because we believe in the power of the people. Our methods ensure effective brand promotion and sufficient lead generation to make your business known to your clientele.

Our Social Networking Features


Interactive and Intuitive Design

Our apps are designed intuitively to get the user’s attention effectively with minimal effort. A thoughtful strategic design process is carried out to ensure successful user interaction.

Nurturing Customer Relationship

Customers have become dependent on smartphones and tablets and the market has become more customer-centric. A customer retention strategy is needed so that the desired results can be achieved and customer relationship can be nurtured.

Data Mining

So much data is created every day, from videos and images to web pages and articles. This data needs to be mined to produce semantic information that can help businesses reach higher goals through effective targeting, strategic planning, and customized marketing plans.


For major social media channels, privacy is the main concern. Businesses need to overcome the challenge of maintaining integrity and security of the users over social media channels, which can thereby impact business goals and revenues.

How Does Nausal Deliver Value?

We aim to deliver our clients the most modern approaches for enhanced user reach and targeting. We apply the highest standard in social media app development which allows us to empower our clients with peace of mind.

Tailored Social Media Solutions

Different businesses have different needs and we offer customized solutions for each client. Our tailored social media solutions offer a profitable outcome to our clients. Our customer driven approach is used to identify goals efficiently, allowing us to offer personalized solutions for your business.

Report Analysis

We extract the real information for our clients when it comes to analytics. Social networks are packed with figures and number that require to be properly classified and presented, but useless if not in the right format. We get our clients exactly the information that they need.

Privacy Comes First

The users’ personal details are safe with us. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that information is kept safe and sound from potential threats. Our expert level security protocols assure the app’s security as well as the users’ privacy.

Some of the key solutions we provide are:

  • #1. Auction/Property Web Development
  • #2. Property Listing Selection
  • #3. Mobile Optimized/Fully responsive
  • #4. Online polling
  • #5. Instant Messaging
  • #6. Community building
  • #7. Content management
  • #8. Reporting and analytics
  • #9. Privacy management

Offered Services by Nausal

  • Module for Table Reservation
  • Discounted Deals and Offers
  • Language specific food items
  • Opening and Closing Timings
  • Deal of the week or day
  • User-friendly Multiple Search
  • Automated Lead Routing of Sales Agents
  • Easy creation of new orders

Social Networking App That Goes
Beyond Boundaries

The world of smartphones is growing where people like to connect, discuss, share, upload and comment. It’s time for you to build a community of explorers who wish to contribute and collaborate with the world, society, self or for that matter any trending topic on this planet. Rely on us for building a social platform that goes beyond boundaries. We listen, ask, share views and act.

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