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Online Shopping and Retail Are Converging

Through Web, Mobile & Cloud

There is no doubt that the world is evolving and advancing with every passing day. The speedy advance of technology has opened door to numerous opportunities to businesses of which one is eCommerce. The online shopping industry has huge prospects of profits for businesses. However, they need to implement the right platform and strategies to succeed in eCommerce. This is where Nausal comes in.

We are providers of efficient and powerful solutions for all your eCommerce needs across all platforms. With our expertise, we can help your brand grow exactly the way you want.

By putting our design and development experience to its full use, we are able to build top quality ecommerce projects to promote online shopping to both B2B and B2C businesses to that they are able to sell their products through the best platforms.

Challenges in Online Shopping


In the world of retail everything revolves around customer

Customer-centric Approach

There has been a large increase in the percentage of online buyers over the last few years. Moreover, anyone can sell anything from anywhere. Gone are those days when clients did not understand advertisement tactics. Today, a large fraction of buyers understands what is right for them and what is not. Facilitating clients while keeping these trends in mind is a challenge for all sellers. They need to have vital strategies for ensuring that they deliver only what clients want in order to develop a loyal clientele.

Amazon – Biggest eCommerce Platfom

Peer competition is a common problem faced by every retailer. Whether sellers want to start an online business or are already engaged in one, this challenge never goes away. Amazon is one such powerful competitor today. The company has successfully built an eCommerce empire, providing services around the globe. An online North American study revealed that from 2009 till 2011, Google faced a drop in the number of people researching a purchase online by eleven percent while Amazon’s user traffic increased by thirteen percent. It is definitely challenging to deal with such strong and established competitors.


Omni-commerce is the retail world’s new strategy which allows companies to have a continuous, ubiquitous access to all sale markets and platforms. This poses another challenge to sellers. They need to incorporate facilities and technologies to ensure that they make the best out of such sale opportunities. Therefore, many are embracing modern and latest techniques in order to fulfill consumer needs and to develop a strong and loyal customer base.

Targeting the Internet Generation

Another challenge is to satisfy one of the largest cohorts today i.e. Generation Y. Being exposed to innovation, these consumers are well-equipped with technological knowledge. Retailers must strive hard to build user-friendly and modern products in order to win this generation over.

How Nausal Adds Value to Your Business

Nausal Has Delivered a Unique Shopping Experience to over 50 Million Customers

Nausal provides mobile solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses, industries and end-users. Our development services in the retail industry are appealing and user-friendly. We can help establish your business with mobile applications, increasing the number of users and sale simultaneously.

Integrated Customer Experience

Nausal incorporates real-time models across all marketing platforms to improve customer experience. Our valued developers work with sheer determination to build a single, integrated channel, which eliminates individual channel silos and offer a seamless customer experience.

Modern Technology

Nausal uses the latest tools and technologies to build eCommerce solutions. That is why our solutions stand out. Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart and Magento are some of the tools we have been using since their early days.

Point of Sale Security and Payments

Nausal understands that we cannot turn a blind eye towards cyber-crime. We have strict standards and techniques to ensure that our solutions are fully armed against such threats. For both mobile and website applications, strict measures are taken for securing the POS and customer data from breach. As data security is a top concern for everyone, we use reliable payment methods that are not only worth their cost but are also satifactory for the customers

Some of our key solutions are:

  • #1. Web & Mobile Booking Systems
  • #2. Cloud Mobility Solutions
  • #3. Integration into Existing Systems – Enterprises Services and Data
  • #4. Enterprise Mobility
  • #5. Cross-platform Development/Support Services
  • #6. B2B, B2C and m-Commerce
  • #7. Application Maintenance Services
  • #8. Inventory Management & Tracking
  • #9. Custom Application Development Services

What Nausal

  • Automated Inventory Control
  • Ready-to-Use Store Fronts
  • Efficient Points of Sale and Supply Relationship Management
  • Vouchers and Deals
  • Magento Enterprise Solutions
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Mobile Content Managemtn, CRM
  • ERP & PIM Integration

Complete Web & Mobility solutions
for B2B & B2C Retail

In order to secure a strong customer base, it is very important to build trust. Once you are successful in gaining people’s confidence, a world of opportunities opens for you. Our skilled application developers are capable of delivering highly customized solutions that cater to every customer’s requirements and thus . They proficiently find solutions for every requirement by customizing and assisting clients to their maximum via mobile and web.