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E-Learning On-the-Go

Move Forward With Nausal

Completely innovating the field of teaching and education, Nausal has the technology and set of skills for providing smart solutions framed according to your needs. We believe in providing education without barriers and borders to every user worldwide. With the utilization of latest technological tools and channels, our workforce strives to their maximum to provide a learning experience like never before.

Our motivation and determination is fuelled by our passion for delivering valuable services to our clients. Nausal’s solution architecting team makes full use of online educational platforms and helps you completely revamp your organization or any educational institution. The bright minds working at our company will deliver comprehensive, efficient and scalable learning solutions for all your needs.

Obstacles in the Growth of Education Sector

Perfectly Tailored eLearning Solutions For Training and Education

From Traditional to Modern

Mostly, students around the world are accustomed to the usual classroom environment. Apart from tech savvy learners, many find it hard to acclimatize to the virtual learning space. This poses a serious challenge as all students have their own adaptability skills and concentration abilities. Some may find the traditional classrooms more suitable for their learning.

Lack of Modern Technology

It is imperative for learning applications and websites to have modern softwares and tools which support seamless streaming. The connection might break or videos might buffer due to the lack of proper equipment. Learners find this troublesome and irritating as it breaks their concentration level. Therefore, using the best technology is a must.


Classroom learning has its own benefits. It allows students to interact with the teacher there and then, discuss ideas and ask any questions simultaneously. This cannot be done as easily in a virtual learning space.

No Interaction

Unlike educational institutions, group study is usually not possible in e-learning. Learners and students study online courses alone on their own devices. However, group study has its perks. The learning process becomes easier and fast when more students study together. Whether they are in touch with each other online or are sitting together, the quality and speed of learning will definitely improve.

Nausal’s Strategies for Delivering Business Value

The world recognizes the efficiency and importance of e-learning. Enterprises, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and organizations are all moving towards this advanced platform. Nausal is proud to be a service provider to everyone worldwide. We have successfully catered a number of organizations and companies who can vouch for our professionalism and powerful solutions for web and mobile.

Comprehensive and Efficient Solutions

The world recognizes Nausal as a pioneer in web and application development services. Our work encompasses all regions, fields and sectors. From industries to educational institutions, we cater everyone. Nausal’s knowledgeable team of developers and engineers can architect and design the most creative, user-friendly and versatile online learning applications.

Learn Together

In order to keep the essence of group study alive, Nausal experts have developed algorithms and strategies which allow students to interact with each other. Our technologies aid peer communication in a seamless and easy way. We also have the tools for providing a live teacher feature for online learning.

Virtual Training with Videos and Games

We provide ground-breaking solutions which are bound to leave an impact. Nausal understands how important user engagement is. Therefore, in order to accelerate the growth process of our clients and their companies, we have unlimited educational tutorials by renowned experts from around the world. These videos are utilized to generate more user traffic and attract more audience. Moreover, to keep the learning process entertaining and engaging, Nausal has game-based educational strategies. This maintains the concentration level of students and allows them to learn without getting bored.

Nausal’s effective solutions are:

  • #1. Self-paced or Instructor-Based E-learning
  • #2. Web Learning Softwares and Applications
  • #3. Incorporation of Easy Payment Systems
  • #4. Mobile Applications for Learning
  • #5. Efficient Learning Management System (LMS)
  • #6. Advanced Content Management System (CMS)
  • #7. Solutions for All Educational Organization Needs
  • #8. Strategies for Games-Based Learning
  • #9. Online Library and Tutorials

What We Offer

  • Student Onboarding and Management System
  • Advanced Content Management System
  • Game-Based E-Learning
  • Online Tests, Student Record System
  • Instructional Process of Designing
  • Assessment and Analysis.

Innovating Educational Institutions With E-Learning

Nausal believes in building a technology powered world. Our goal is to supply our services to every educational institution and turn it into a modern and advanced virtual learning hub. Whether its access is in the form of mobile or web applications, our approach is to make endless information available at the fingertips of all students, learners and teachers. Nausal’s programmers and developers can make this possible on any Android or iOS device. \r\nTrust us to make every day learning as smooth and interactive like Udemy, Pill, Lynda, Skill and other established brands.