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NAUSAL’s Engagement Models

Ensuring a Flexible Engagement Model to Cater to Your Business Needs

No two businesses are exactly the same in every aspect. At NAUSAL, no two development processes are exactly the same; we develop a personalized project model according to the needs peculiar to a particular business.

The flexibility of our business model distinguishes us from the competition. Clients’ requirements change constantly over the course of a project, and we incorporate these changes seamlessly anytime before delivery. Our clients benefit greatly from our engagement models because they offer competitve prices, dedicated resources, zero hidden costs and overheads. We focus on working with our clients to our full potential.

Some of the benefits of choosing our engagement models

You are free to make a choice:
Choose from a range of models that best serves your needs

Offshore Developer

Hire a Developer Model

As an experienced IT solutions provider, we know businesses prefer to have managerial control over the development process. Our ‘Hire a Developer Model’ is a personalized development model that lets you hire dedicated web developers, web designers, mobile application developers and SEO experts who work directly under you. The model comes with three options to choose from as per your particular needs and requirements.

Full-time Hire

This is one of the most popular options under our Hire a Developer model. Most clients choose this as it gives them direct control over the development process. Furthermore, they can communicate with the developer directly without intermediaries. You can hire experts in web development, web designing, mobile app development and SEO throughout the duration of your project development.

Part-time Hire

In the part-hire model, an expert developer is dedicated to your project who works for a minimum of 80 hours a month, employed for 5 days a week.

Hourly Hire

The hourly hire model is suitable for small businesses. You can sign up one of our experts to work you for a certain number of hours – the minimum time period being 25 hours, which can be further extended to a decent number of hours as per project requirements.

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

This model is most suitable for clients having a well-structured process in place to set down their requirements, what they need, when they need it, and what they can pay. Once you’ve submitted a clear idea of your end product, requirements, scope along with all the deliverables and acceptance criteria we offer our proposal including time required to complete the project, a breakdown of the costs, milestones, mode of payment etc. After agreement, we start working on your project with phase-wise completion of milestones and keep you in the loop during the course of the project. The fixed price model is one of the most cost-effective models as it allows you to reduce costs and stay within budget.

Time and Material

Time and Material

This model is employed when it is difficult to appraise the time and resources required for a project in advance. Projects with constantly changing/evolving requirements fall under this category. It's a great, efficient model that’s the best fit for incremental application development. In view of the fact that you require adjustments and changes done in the project from time to time we take regular input and ideas from you at every stage. In addition, we follow a project management process based on a daily/weekly reporting system in which all the deliverables are sorted, hence there is no complexity. We charge the client for the number of hours contributed by each resource.

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