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We Love the Art of Gaming Development


The gaming industry is booming and increasing in revenue every year. It has opened a world of opportunities for developers. While new companies are emerging at a fast rate, Nausal takes pride in being a top class game development company, having developed hundreds of unique and interesting games. Since 2003, we have successfully established a large clientele and provided them expert assistance. Our developers possess all the required skills to build games which are bound to break all prior downloading records.

Challenges in the Gaming Industry

Diverse Skillset

For coders who love gaming, the idea of working on a gaming project might seem like a nirvana. However, it is a process that can take days or even weeks depending on the complexity. It requires developers and programmers to specialize in a number of fields so that they can be successful. Online games development may require a varitety of skills from developers at the same time such as graphics, networking, databases etc. One cannot go by the book; every new game requires a different approach. Great skill and proficiency is needed to make even the slightest of modifications.

High Competition

Customers these days are very smart and sophisticated with the use of technology for researching and choosing a particular brand . They are also familiar with advertising tactics. Therefore, more efficient development and marketing approaches need to be adopted to effectively reach the customer.


There are no standard rules for gaming apps development. No two gaming apps are the same in terms of design and functionality. It all depends on the developer’s creativity and imagination. There are no hard and fast rules for the content and design of gaming apps. Lack of standardization is a big problem faced by vendors and business users.

Regulation and By-Laws

Due to the overwhelming development of the online gaming industries, authorities are devising laws for exercising control on all such platforms. They have introduced laws, licenses and taxes for online gaming and some have prohibited trans-boundary activities. This poses another challenge for people involved in this sector.

Importance of Business Value for Nausal

Nausal has a team of efficient developers and programmers whose skills are fuelled by their passion for innovation and technology. Their value and talent go deeper than their resumes. Not only they are well updated with the current gaming trends but also pay huge amount of interest to the minutest of details. We are the gaming revolutionists. From mind boggling puzzles to intriguing games, our experts have successfully delivered all projects. Some of the tools we use are Corona, Unity 3D and many more.

Competitive Pricing Policies

Tell us what you want and we will handle the rest. All our packages are framed in accordance with your needs and requirements. Nausal delivers advanced solutions and services at the most economical rate. Our policy is to charge the least. The client is informed about the estimated budget in the beginning. There are no hidden charges and our financial analysts are clear in their dealings with all clients.

Engaging Games

All game applications which have been created by our experts have broken records of the highest grossing games. Our special attention to graphics, content and design is the reason for that. The applications we build stand out on the basis of their aesthetic and advanced features. We guarantee our clients unlimited number of downloads once the application hits the market.

Online Multiplayer Feature

Adding the multiplayer feature is a real challenge but our developers are proficient at it. Building engaging multi-player games for all screen sizes is their forte. Leave it to our gaming architects for writing efficient algorithms and codes for every game no matter how challenging it is.

Services Offered By Nausal

  • Incorporation of HTML5 in Game Application Development
  • Gaming Applications for Facebook
  • Multiplayer Online Games
  • Social Media Incoporation on Both Single and Multi-levels
  • 2D and 3D Supported Interfaces
  • TV GUI Elements

High Definition Effects and Character Designing

Nausal has been the favourite choice of developers and companies because of its expertise and success rate. Our individuals make full use of their capabilities to deliver the best only. Our gaming applications include unique features like creative designing and exhilarating game sounds which ensure high user engagement. We promise to build gaming applications which will keep the players on the edges of their seats. Whether you want sports applications, multi-player, casino or lightweight games for social media, you can trust Nausal for delivering everything and taking your business to soaring heights.