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The Healthcare and Fitness

Connecting the Dots Between Patients, Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies

The modern world is just a large digital hub comprising of diverse industries and businesses. One cannot ignore how important technology has become for us. Modern technology has brought huge changes in many industries – healthcare is no exception. And Nausal is there to help you stay ahead of others in by utilizing technology in your industry.

In this generation, people trust technology and they are more accustomed to it. Our workforce believes that this is the right time to bridge the gap between the health sector and the digital world in order to establish an improved and advanced healthcare system.

Health is wealth. People understand how vital it is to remain fit and pay proper attention to their body. In the past few years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of fitness freaks and gym fanatics. Wearables and fitness gadgets have become an important accessory. People use health applications for monitoring the number of calories consumed, maintaining a record of the number of steps taken every day and so on. How should enterprises start this technological evolution? Do not worry. We will assist you.

Challenges for the Health Sector

Opening a World of Bigger and Greater Opportunities

Data Management

Huge data has to be collected and managed by IT professionals if every patient is to be treated on mobile or desktop and proper instructions regarding diet, exercise etc. are to be provided. Collecting high volumes of data at a fast speed is not an easy task.

Trust Factor

Due to numerous issues in the past over matters like pharmaceutical price volatilities, the healthcare sector has lost the trust of many consumers. The industry has still not been able to bridge this trust gap. Consumers as well as physicians are do not fully trust the information ads coming from healthcare marketers.

Online Reputation Management

The old ways of providing proper treatment, attention and care are insufficient in the digital health marketplace. A large percentage of modern programs and high-tech investments are fuelled by the need for establishment of an improved patient experience system (PX). Current healthcare programs and systems lack the ability of acquiring and storing patient reviews.

Patients Demand Innovation

When it comes to healthcare, appearances or attractive gadgets are not appealing. Patients demand efficient and advanced treatment for their ailments. It is a serious challenge for the health sector to satisfy these demands of patients of varying ages.

How Nausal Delivers Business Value

Nausal is a platform for organizations to scale and grow. We connect the dots between patients and physicians without any hassle. Trust our team for developing scalable, efficient and user-centric solutions for accelerating the growth of your business while complying to the needs of every person. We provide development services for wearable gadgets, web, mobile, cloud and IoT.

Data Acquisition and Security

With the help of the most powerful and ground-breaking innovation and technology, our experts can easily record the information and history of the patient so that it can be sent to the respective doctor for finding the correct solution. Appointment management, personal access to health information and one-to-one correspondence with a physician are some of our key services.

Gadgets and Cloud Services

Incorporating the latest technology, our developers have built advanced yet user-friendly healthcare mobile and web applications which give a perfectly customized experience to users. Medicinal and care services are available around the clock. With the help of our valued experts, Nausal has been successful in catering the needs for industries like pharma and healthcare where there is no chance of errors. We deliver only the best.

Full Customization

In the health industry, patients look for the best treatment and comfort. Our experts fully understand this and therefore provide fully customized packages for every single patient of yours. In order to gain their satisfaction, we incorporate diverse and interesting features for example personalized healthcare plans, sending campaigns based on their medical conditions and information, keeping a record of allergies and other information. We provide them incentives for coming back and they always do.

Nausal’s effective solutions are:

  • #1. Solutions for Effective Mobile Hospital Management
  • #2. Fitness and Healthcare Applications
  • #3. Application Development for Wearables and Gadgets
  • #4. Healthcare Solutions for Mobile and Web
  • #5. Solutions for Multiple Pharmceutical Softwares
  • #6. Software Services for Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • #7. Software Services for Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • #8. Applications for Health Insurance
  • #9. Softwares for Active Management of Clinical Data

Nausal Offers:

  • Private communication between patients and doctors
  • Reminder alerts for medicines, notifications
  • Technological tools for monitoring heartbeat, blood pressure
  • Qualified diet chart makers
  • Online payment methods
  • User engagement services.

Digitalizing Healthcare for Improved Clinical Decisions

Nausal’s solutions encompass all industries, regions and organizations. From startups to established businesses, we have catered everyone. Our programmers have written algorithms and formulated solutions for making technology easily available to patients and physicians. We have great expertise in developing applications for patients, building gadgets and wearables for tech savvy fitness freaks and providing effective management services. All our efforts are for increasing your company’s productivity, efficiency and its ROI