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Project Communication Strategy

Timely and effective communication is critical for the successful completion of a project

We believe communication develops the much needed trust which is essential for establishing strong and successful relationships, be it with clients, with partners or among teammates. That said, we employ a high-level communication management plan that cover all areas like effectively listening to client’s requirements, acting on feedback, presenting the issues and fostering harmony on the whole.

Flow of Information in the Right Direction + Keeping Everyone Involved Updated = Effective Project Management

See how we ensure effective project communication through each stage of the project
  • Project Analysis

    We carefully listen to clients’ project requirements and try to get as much information from the client as possible to form an idea of what they want. Next, we move towards initial development. We share the project SRS with our website development team for detailed analysis, research, fact findings, and design workflow to understand the requirement and scope of the project.

  • Project Launch Meetings

    After the project agreement, kick-off meetings between teams and clients are held to discuss all aspects of the project in detail like key project deliverables, deadlines, time involvement, costs and payment procedures. Our business analysis expert arranges a meeting between the client and the project manager plus all the the team members involved in the project.

  • Clear, Correct & Concise Information

    From the beginning of a project, our team members ensure that the information they exchange with clients is clear, concise and correct. We leave no room for ambiguity of any sort whatsoever. This principle is also upheld among the concerned project teammates, managers and leaders.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We maintain a single point of contact throughout the course of a project to ensure clear and effective communication as well as to avoid any complexities and confusions. All data and information is centralized and can be easily accessed. However, if need be, a client can communicate with any member of the team to handle any specific issues.

  • Multiple
    Communication Channels

    We attach great importance to effective and effective communication and, therefore, employ multiple channels for conversation. We use Skype, email, messengers, and phone calls to interact with our national and international clients. We encourage live meetings, video and audio conference calls, instant messaging and emails. Both written and verbal communication methods are utilized as per required by the situation.

  • Project Workflow Accessibility

    Once the sketch of the project is ready, we set down the details of the project clearly and concisely, and make it easily available for everyone’s reference on shared folders or project communication tools like Jira so that everyone involved in the project can get a clear picture of the project at any given moment.

  • Privacy and Security

    We are well aware that client information and project details are sensitive matters. Therefore, everyone working at NAUSAL Tech. is obligated to keep the information secret, not disclosing it outside the office.

  • Modern Project
    Management Tools

    We use latest project management tools like Jira, GitLab and Hubstaff to improve productivity and accessibility among all who are involved in the project: client, project manager, team leaders and team members.

  • Proactive and Upfront

    Project management is not plain sailing all the time - we are faced with some very challenging situations at time durings the development phase. However, when this happens we immediately inform both the project manager and the client, while we work diligently towards solving the issue, without wasting any time in shying away and hiding the problems.

  • Weekly/ Fortnightly Reviews

    We believe regular review of completed work is mandatory to maintain highest quality standards, therefore, we arrange weekly and biweekly meetings according to clients’ convenience and project requirements.

  • Complete Documentation

    To make referncing to all communication easy, we save all past conversations for later use. Our documentation process includes procedures, feedbacks, and consolidation of all resources to ensure easy sharing and references. Even the emails and skype chats are preserved for any future communication.

  • Status Reports

    After each development phase, we send a project status report to the client to share what has been developed and what’s pending and to know the feedback and any changes if required in between.

  • Respect and Flexibility

    We value client’s suggestions, opinions and contributions in the project development and give them the freedom to communicate any changes they think are necessary for the betterment of the overall project.

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